The secret of our ice cream

Every nation has its specific tastes and our Czech tongues are especially picky. Ice cream is no longer just a refreshment, it has to provide a great tasty experience as well.

What stands behind the fact that you like PRIMA ice creams so much?

First of all: we understand the taste of Czech consumers and we do our best to meet it. Continuously we examine what you like, and prepare ice creams accordingly. We Czechs are simply loyal to ice creams made from classic ingredients. The most desired flavors are vanilla, chocolate, nuts and strawberries.

The traditional quality ingredients are the pillars of good ice cream. Quark, cream, yoghurt, various sorts of fresh fruit – all must be of first class. We care that our ice creams contain the best ingredients.

The method we use in production is called ‘pouring’. The advantage of this method, among other things, is that you can incorporate more delicious fruit, cream, yogurt and other honest ingredients into ice cream. This means that the taste of our frozen products is much richer than that of other ice creams.

The final ingredient is love.When you put enough love into the process of ice cream production, there is a chance that the product will not only hit our client’s taste, but also their hearts. They simply fall in love with them.

Czech PRIMA ice creams understand this very well and have provided a wide selection of products that both children and adults have loved for 18 years. The delicious tastes, quality ingredients, fresh fruit and the love that our ice creams are made with are appreciated by every family member.PRIMA ice creams continuously expand their portfolio and work hard to surprise with even more delicious new products every year. We try to win over not only our customers’ taste buds but also their hearts. You will simply fall in love with our ice creams and experience the year in a swirl of PRIMA ice creams intoxication.

For more than 20 years we provide a variety of products that are being loved by children as well as adults. We produce ice cream to go to provide refreshment in a hot day, for home so you can enjoy ice cream whenever and with whomever you like. And for a gastro segment, of course – so that you will find your favorite ice cream in sweetshops, restaurants and other places. We produce ice creams for everyone, adults as well as kids, women as well as men.

However our product range contains great number of stable stars proven by years – Mrož, Pegas, Ruska zmrzlina, Jupik – we try to enlarge our portfolio every season and always try to surprise you with new, even tastier, experience.

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